Friday, February 8, 2013

Something special...

I am not a big football fan, but I love it that now you can catch the commercials without having to watch the game. Youtube is wonderful! There were two that just really grabbed my heartstrings the one was Dodge Ram – Paul Harvey reciting, “God Made the Farmer.” The other was the Budweiser Commercial, I do not drink and do not condone drinking but those Clydesdales are awesome! I am sure most of you have seen the commercial by now but you know I have to put it on here. 

Now is that not special? What is really cool about it, I did some research and the Clydesdale Breeding Farm is here in Missouri, about a 4-hour drive from us. It is called Warm Springs Ranch at Booneville MO. Click here if you want to read more about it.   They offer tours for $10 but you must have reservations. We have put this on our day trip list. We can go up and spend the night, then come home the next day. Can’t wait, I think it will be very interesting and a great place to get some pictures. Something special about little animals!
until next time… nel


  1. What a fun trip that will be! I'd love to see them up close-they're beautiful!

  2. I think this was my favourite Super Bowl ad as well.

  3. That commercial made me cry!!! No, I did not see this, I don't have cable, and I am really glad you shared it. [by the way, I don't miss TV at all] When we lived in Colorado, we took a trip up north to Ft.Collins [about 60 miles from where we lived] and took a tour of the Budweiser Facility there...they're awesome horses.