Monday, March 14, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

I changed my header and my background thinking SPRING!  And what does it do today it has been snowing and sleeting all day.  I am so glad we do not see this all winter, I would go crazy, or maybe crazier is a better word.

The crocus on my header was blooming in Xeriscape Gardens Saturday.  The garden is kept up by Friends of the Garden in Springfield. They do a wonderful job and we stop by several times throughout the year to catch the beautiful flowers and bushes.  It is one of my favorite photo stops. 

We are off to Arkansas for a few days.  We are picking up Eden Jade and bringing her home with us for a week.  I am sure I will really be dragging by the end of the week but it will be well worth it, nothing like those grand kids.  I wish Cain could come also, but he is going to his mom's for the week. 

The Shriner's Circus is in town and we are planning on taking her Sunday after church.  It should be fun, she has never been to the circus.  And she asked me if we could please go to the library.  We took her the last time she was here and she was amazed at how big it was, so we have a few things planned, other than that we are going to play it by ear.  It will be good to spend some time with her, she is getting so big.  She will start kindergarten in the fall, it seems like yesterday she was that little baby leaving in the helicopter.  Praise God for watching over her and blessing us beyond measure.

Have a great week!

until next time... nel


  1. Enjoy your week with your granddaughter! I love the crocus....would love to see some popping up around here! I think its supposed to warm up slightly by the weekend so here's hoping!

  2. Love your new header, especially that one purple flower! Have a great week with Eden Jade!

  3. Love your springy blog look. Have a wonderful time with the grandchild!

  4. What fun! You've got your spring-on, and now I'm thinking I need to sassy up my own header. Just thinking, though.

    Enjoy your trip.