Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Dozen...

If you have never joined the Random Dozen, just hop over to Linda's blog and link up. The ladies are wonderful and it is a lot of fun!

1. If you could physically lock in one age for yourself, which would you choose and why?
Wow… this is a hard one. Probably 40. At 40 I felt like I could go non-stop. I could pull an all-nighter with the Youth Group and it didn’t take a week to recover. I could sit down in the floor and get up in one graceful move. hmmmm memories…lol

2. What is the best dish that you cook or bake (your piece de resistance?)
Probably Pepper Steak. Everyone loves my pepper steak. And my yeast rolls...

3. When you feel blue, what is one strategy you use to help yourself get back to normal?
I usually read my bible, but sometimes writing in my journal helps, while listening to music, or if the weather is nice, a walk with camera in hand looking for photo possibilities.

4. When was the last time you danced in public?
In public years and years ago, before my previous marriage. Now, my honey and I sometimes will dance a slow song in the front room, but never in public.

5. Do you consider yourself a realist or dreamer?
Pretty much a dreamer, but with real visions…lol.

6. As a parent, what is one thing that you have done well?
Her faith! When she was about 4 years old we were riding over to her Grannie’s and there was a beautiful sunset, and out of the blue she said, “Momma look how pretty, how can anyone not believe in God?” And I knew at that moment, no matter how hard it was (her dad did not go to church with us at that time) it was all worth the effort. I was definitely doing something right!

7. Which is your favorite character on the Andy Griffith show?
Aunt Bea, who wouldn’t want an Aunt Bea?

8. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Probably around 6, I was always impressed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I read quite a bit about him.

9. What is your #1 driving pet peeve?
People having no patience, and honking as soon as the light changes colors.

10. Which color best represents your mood today? Care to elaborate?
I think probably a mix between blue and green. Not feeling real well, and have been a little down lately.

11. If your spouse were an animal, which would he/she be?
A teddy bear. He is soft and cuddly.

12. What activity takes up the bulk of your time on an average day?
Just whatever strikes me that day, I have several projects going. We married three years ago, and since then I have not worked. For the first time in my life I am just enjoying life, taking a day at a time and enjoying each day to the fullest.

Well there is my exciting answers, now head on over to Lid's and join in the fun!
Until next time...nel


  1. Wow, I think you were better at 40 than I was! I'm only 43, but I know it's been longer than three years since I wanted to pull an overnighter. And it would probably take me longer than three years to recover!

  2. Great answers. I completely agree with #9.

  3. Wow, by the time I hit 40 it was all downhill. Musta just hit my peak sooner. LOL

    I'm really enjoying the answers about what color we are today, what animal our spouses could be, and what is our best culinary creation :-)

  4. Oh wow, you just reminded me that I used to be able to get up off the floor in one fluid smooth motion too. Not so much anymore. Its shocking to me. I feel like I should be able to do that but the body does not always cooperate.

  5. These random thoughts sure have a way of giving us a peak into another's make-up. I both chuckled and nodded.

    I'm now about to turn 62, and I think that's my favorite age thus far; or was it 61? or 55?

    Oh dear, the best is always yet to come!


  6. Hi Nel, I just popped over from Beth's at Outnumbered 3 to 1. I love making new blogging friends. This was a fun way to get to know you better. I like your blog alot. If you are interested, I would love for you to stop by sometime and meet me and my family. It was nice getting to know you here today.
    Christy Rose

  7. I'm 42 and still recovering from last Friday's lock-in! I need my 30 year old body back (although I don't think I've ever done all nighters well.)

    I forgot about writing in my journal. That's a good one to help break a bad mood!

  8. I dreaming for the day I can take it one day at a time with whatever that day brings. Good for you! Enjoy it.

    Wow, I'm impressed that you could pull all nighters with the youth at 40. I had trouble with that by the time I was 30. LOL.

  9. I'm so glad for the blessings in your life.

    I'd love to have your Pepper Steak recipe if you'd like to share.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  10. Your pepper steak sound fascinating. Would love to see a recipe....

  11. Good answers. Yeah 40 wasn't a bad age. And I wish I could be living your #12, but I still need to be working. Oh well, someday.

  12. I would love the recipe for that pepper steak, too!

    Great answers...thanks for sharing them with us! Oh, and thanks for the hugs you left for me over at my blog. It was a tough day, but I made it! ;-)

  13. Let's see...

    Loved 40 as well. Now well into my forties!

    Don't cook if I can help it.

    Chocolate and Jesus... always a good mix for the blues.

    Love to dance, but haven't since my husband and I took country dancing lessons before we were married.


    Faith as well; no greater gift can we give them. Haven't always done it perfectly, but done it honestly.



    People who don't move when the traffic light changes:)



    Writing and my pursuit of the Divine.

    There you go; never visited here before, but 12 "insights" into me. Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope you return and get moving through those green lights.