Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Technology...You Gotta Love It!

I am so excited. I got a new toy and it totally blew me away! Pretty obvious I don’t get out much…lol.

I have been on a mission, trying to free up some space on my hard drive. Pictures take up so much space…try 10 GB. Hmmm a few pictures, what can I say. So I started putting them on CD’s, which I was not thrilled about, because when you want one then you have to find the CD it is on. And when you have that many CD’s…

I had a return at Staples, so while we were there I took a look at their storage devices. Of course the flash drives would work, but I found the coolest thing. It is a portable hard drive. And yes a lot of you may have already known about these, but I thought I was in heaven. These are the cutest little things. It is 3” x 5” x ¾” with unlimited capacity, with a USB port. This was the answer to my problems. Free Space here we come. The one I chose holds 250gb. They are so easy to use. I just dragged and dropped my folders of pictures onto it using “My Computer”. Now I can share my pictures with my daughter when we go to Arkansas. I have to make a confession though; I am still making a copy of my pictures on CD’s and will put them in storage for safekeeping. Just in case…

I have to tell you I was excited and still am, but while writing this post, I questioned myself. If this feels like heaven, what is heaven going to feel like? If I am this excited about material things, do I get this excited about Jesus and about eternal life? I feel I fall short at times, as a lot of people do. We get so caught up in our every day lives, but that’s just it…Jesus should be with us in our every day lives. He promised when we accepted him as our Lord and Savior, He would walk with us, as long as we want Him too. He does not force Himself on us; we have to be willing vessels. Lord, I pray that I can be a willing vessel for you and that my light shines so others may see.

"Then spake Jesus again unto them saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12


  1. Just recently I bought an IPOD and thought I'd discovered a new universe so I really appreciate your excitement.

    I'm sure there's a reason we are told that we cannot possibly fathom the amazing things God has in store for us. Likely your finds and mine will seem trite when at last we are with Him.


  2. That is my prayer, too, be a willing vessel.

    My sons both have external hard drives. They have to have them for college. They back up all of their school work on them. That way, if their computer crashes, they won't lose all of their work. They are pretty clever devices!

  3. Hi Nel! Thanks for visiting my blog! I use to blog more frequently but have slowed down quite a bit now....use to try to leave a little tidbit of something each day...maybe one day I'll get back into that mode!!

    Come and visit me anytime! Oh, and my husband's family are from Missouri.....I'll have to ask him what location because I don't remember!!