Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walking Down Memory Lane...

I have been walking down memory lane lately. On the most part it has been a very good walk. At Christmas we purchased a turntable that has a USB port to connect to the computer. So while we were in Arkansas I dug out my old 45's and albums to bring home so I can copy them. I can save them as MP3's then download them to the ipod.

Talk about memories...lolol. Hang on Sloopy, I Got You Babe, Julie, Do Ya Love Me, Indiana Wants Me, American Pie, Band of Gold, ABC by Jackson 5, In-Na-Gadda-Da-Vida, Rich Girl, to name a few. I remember Rich Girl, we thought it was sooo cool, because it had a four-letter word in it that rhymes with Rich. Dang, have you listened to the lyrics today, that was (Boy, I sound old.) I remember when I was a teen, I had a pair of headphones, as big as space mountain (ok maybe not that big), but they were huge attached to my stereo in my bedroom. The chord was long enough I could walk anywhere in the house, listening to my music. And I did! Mom hated it. Dad would just laugh. I would give almost anything to hear her gripe and him laugh just one more time. I really have been missing them lately. Ok, let's change the flow.

Of course listening to the old songs made me think about school years. I hated high school. I did not have a lot of self-esteem back then and I was shy. I think I blocked a lot of high school memories out because I just did not want to remember.

But it is really cool; I got a message from a lady on facebook a couple of days ago, requesting to be a friend. I thought the name sounded familiar, but was not sure, so I sent a note back asking if I knew her, and that my memory was not what it used to be. I can remember faces, but am terrible with names. Come to find out we went to Roy Grade School, Mannheim Jr. High and 2 years of West Leyden High School together. After I looked at her picture, I definitely remembered her. We had several classes together. She left during our sophomore year. It has been nice reconnecting with an old friend and catching up after 37 years.

Memories, what would we do without them? Sometimes we look back and think, boy I wish I would of done that differently, or we have some memories that touch our heart, make us smile, or laugh, sometimes even shed a tear. Memories are special. What do you want to be remembered for?

I pray that the one thing I am remembered for above anything else is that "I Am A Child Of God!"

"I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever; with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1

This is the stack I have downloaded.

These still have to be downloaded. I guess you can tell what I am going to be doing the next few weeks.

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  1. Wow- I think it's awesome that you got that turntable, and even more of a wonder that you still have your records, and MORE of a wonder that they play! I loved those songs, too. I have a Facebook page, but so far, I have only found two or three classmates on there. I have blocked out some high school memories, too. I was an idiot in high school, esp. about boys.