Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hodgepodge Again...

We would love for you to join us in the Hodgepodge.  I am glad to be back, missed everyone, but had a wonderful time in Arkansas.

1. Have you learned more from success or failure? Explain.
I think it depends on what you are talking about.  But most generally I personally think you learn more from failure because you remember to do it different the next time. 

2.  What did you call your grandparents when you were growing up? If you have children, what do they call your parents? If you have grandchildren, what do they call you?

I had a grandma and a granny.  I did not know either of my granddads.  Janice called my mom Grandma & my dad Papa, she called Doc's mom Granny Eva.
I am granny to my grandkids.

3.  You're invited to a luau.  In keeping with that theme, what dish will you bring to share? 

Maybe a fruit salad or something with pineapple.  Probably a fruit salad though.

4. Besides Jesus, what one person's life story do you think everyone should know about?

Corrie ten Boom would be my first pick.  Or Noah - I love his attitude, he did what the Lord wanted him to even though people humiliated him.

5. "Don't sweat the small stuff." Agree or Disagree? Why?

Definitely agree!  I always tell my husband that along with, it is all small stuff unless it is life threatening.  I made him read the book.

6.  June is National Rivers Month. When were you last on a river? What's the prettiest river you've ever seen? What's a river you'd like to see? 
Gosh I cannot remember the last time I was actually on a river.  Previous marriage we used to float and fish on White River.  I have not seen a lot of rivers.  I think they are all pretty in their own way.

7.  Speaking of rivers-paddling, fishing, swimming, or bird watching safely from the shore? Which activity would you choose? Yes-you have to choose. 
I would say fishing.  I love to fish especially cat-fishing at night.  It has been many moons since I have been.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have to share something that my Eden Jade did.  Her mom posted it on Facebook yesterday and of course this proud granny had to share it too.  

One proud mama...on the way home from Eden's ball game we stopped at the gas station to get a drink, Eden and I were standing in line behind this older man who was having a heck of a time with the debit machine they finally got him taken care of and he started gathering his stuff, Eden watched him for a minute pick up his bag then his cane then his paper and without missing a beat she turned around and said mama hold I took what she had in her hand and she quickly ran to open the door for him it was so sweet and he thanked her and she ran back in. If only all of us would take time to think about someone else every now and then. Love her!

How many 6 yr olds (7 in Sept) do you know that would do think to do this...

until next time...nel


  1. That was so sweet of your granddaughter! It's good to know that thoughtfulness and kindness are still important to some of our younger ones :)

    Catfishing at night sounds like fun! Never been fishing at night, but I've heard of it.

  2. Love your random thought. That granddaughter of yours is one fine person in the making, I can tell.

  3. How sweet. I love that story of Eden Jade. She must have a very kind heart.

  4. Pineapple seems to be the favorite answer today! I love to fish from the shore. Oh my, that was so darn sweet of Eden.

  5. That's a sweet story : ) I almost chose Noah as my answer...someone who was obedient. The apostles also came to mind, but in the end I went another direction. Obviously : )

  6. I always enjoy your answers. That's a lovely store about Eden - certainly a moment to be proud!

  7. Kudos to your grandaughter Eden! What a fine, well-behaved girl!