Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Busy Week...

This has been a busy week!  Doctor's appts., pedicures, and packing for a 10 day trip out west.  We are headed to Vegas for a week.  Stan is a delegate to a Convention for the union he is involved in.  Should be a fun relaxing week.  I might even have time to do the Hodgepodge next week, but no promises. :)  He will be in meetings during the day so I will be on my own.  Should be interesting, I am sure there will be pictures! 
We will be back on Monday, Stan has blood work on Tuesday then Surgery on Thursday.  He has a tumor close to his saliva gland that needs to be removed.  He is 99% sure that it is benign.  Praying and believing that is the case!  
We were blessed last week, we got a little over one inch of rain! It was great.
Well that about sums up the happenings in the Fastenau household at least this week.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
until next time... nel

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  1. Have a wonderful time in LV and I'm praying all goes well for your hubs surgery.