Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing In Action...

This is how I feel, like I am missing in action.  I ended up going to the doctor when we returned home, I had a toe that was bothering me.  Yes it was an ingrown toenail, but unfortunately it got really infected and was turning black and blue with stuff draining from it.  So yes I decided it was time.  For a week I took 2000 mg antibiotic a day, which put me to sleep.  I have to say it did clear up the infection, so on Monday of this week I went in for him to look at it.  He decided to remove part of it... notice I said he decided.  I would love to say Thank Goodness he deadened it, and yes I am glad he did, but those needles hurt worse than anything else.  He stuck me five different times, he tried to make me feel better about it, said the one was an extra on him, he put it in the wrong place.  Thanks Doc!  Needless to say when he cut the nail and pulled half of it off I did not feel a thing.  It is a little sore now especially when I have to change the bandage.  I have been taking some pain pills, they are working really well, don't feel a thing and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  I will be glad when I can quit bandaging it up and quit taking any pills.  I hate taking medicine!  

We have had a pretty easy week here in the Fastenau household.  We mess with Ebay some and I listed several things this week.  One of them was an old milk bottle with the dairy name on the side.  I started it at $25 and it closed at $136, I was pretty excited, I would of been happy with 25 but I was jumping for joy and what it closed at.  You just never know with Ebay.  I had picked up 3 coffee mugs for 30 cents at a yard sale and sold them for $5.00.  

My grandkids started school this week.  Eden Jade is in Kindergarten, that is so hard to believe.  She is just growing by leaps and bounds and has come so far!  Cain Alan is in 5th grade this year, that is hard for me to believe also.  He joined our family when he was 3 years old.  Nothing like those grandkids!  These are taken on their first day of school this year.  

Prayers do get answered!

I will try to get back in the blogging groove.  I have to get caught up on reading everyone's posts also.   Have a great week...

until next time... nel

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  1. Glad your toe is getting better. That sounds so painful! Cute grandkids and congrats on the great Ebay sales!!!!