Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Flashback - Olympic Style

Well if it isn't time for Flashback Friday, where is the time going?  Can anyone answer that?  On Fridays we have to delve back in the memory bank and see what we can come up with.  Usually I have no problem with memories, my problem is remembering what I did 10 minutes ago or my favorite is putting something in a safe place where I will remember it.  HAHAHA  Funny I can't ever find that safe place when I need it.  Ok all joking aside if you would like to join in the fun hop over to Linda's corner at Mocha with Linda and get the prompt for this weeks episode of Flashback Friday.  Then make sure you link up so we can read about your crazy memories too.

This week we are remembering our involvement with the Olympics.  I have to tell you the Olympics were never a big deal at our house.  I can never remember watching when I was young, but in my teen years I remember finally convincing my dad to watch it.  Usually it was the Summer Olympics that we enjoyed the most.  I remember watching Mark Spitz get his 7 gold medals in 1972.  I loved watching the swimming and diving competitions.  I also enjoyed watching the gymnastic competitions.  I remember watching Mary Lou Retton wow the crowd.  She was awesome. 

As far as inspiring me, nope didn't happen, I was not into sports, was never good at anything.  I always had a weight problem and a self esteem problem so needless to say I always sat on the sidelines.
My hubby usually watches the Olympics when they are on and I watch them in passing.  I have a problem sitting in front of the TV, I would rather be reading or messing on the computer. I have to be doing something.

Special Olympics is a very special organization, I have always tried to support them financially.  I have a problem watching their competitions, I guess I am too soft hearted, I usually end up in tears.  Just can't handle it!

Well believe it or not that is all I have this week.  Dang, I must be running a fever or something.  lolol.   Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

until next time... nel


  1. It will be interesting, Kaye, to see how many of us missed watching the Olympics when we were growing up. So far it is you and I (who have missed them).

    Your safe place little joke was nice, even if sad. One time we had tickets for a very desirable Houston Rockets basketball game. I had put them in a safe place but WE didn't find them until more than a year after the game.

  2. Oh, I forgot all about Mark Spitz. I remember him too.

    I so identify with your "where did I put it? angst. And it generally happens when I think, "This is the perfect place for this; I'll be sure to remember this!"

  3. I enjoyed your post, and I can so identify with that "safe place". I recently had that experience with the instruction booklet to the heating/air thermostat. LOL I finally found it--by accident, weeks later!

  4. Neat to see that video!

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. We have some great traditions, don't we? I've been a hot/cold fan of the Olympics. Some years I'm riveted; others ... not so much.

    No matter how or who we invest in, I would hope great feats result.