Friday, June 25, 2010

Home is...

It is time to join Linda at Mocha With Linda for Flashback Friday. She has the prompt listed on her site. And after you write about your flashback remember to link up so we can all enjoy it. It is a great way to learn more about people and meet some wonderful blogging buddies!

This week we are remembering our homes and neighborhoods. I lived in several places growing up, some good memories, some not so much.

We lived in a tiny trailer when I first came home, of course I do not remember it at all. According to the pictures it was very small. The first place I remember is the farmhouse we rented in Roselle, IL. I have a lot of good memories there. I had a very good friend, Janet Snow, whom I spent a lot of time with. We were either at her house playing Barbies or at my house playing outside in the orchard. A lot of relatives were at our house on weekends for picnics and fun times. We moved when I was in 2nd grade.

From there we moved to a rent house in Schiller Park. I had several friends in the neighborhood. One of my best friends was Jane. We are still good friends. I had my own room, upstairs. I remember it was pink; my rooms were always pink. I guess that is from having two older brothers. We played outside under the light by my driveway a lot playing double dutch jump rope, or Hide and Seek. The older girl next door was always hanging with us, looking back now it was my older brother she was interested in. lol. Good times there until they decided to buy a house in Northlake the following year.

It was a good move though, it was 2 blocks from my cousin’s house and we were all about the same age. We had a lot of fun! Our house there was a bigger ranch style, had a full basement. I remember paneling was real big, and tile. Mom and Dad redid the bathroom, floor and walls with ceramic tiles. It was beautiful. Again my room was pink until I hit the teen years. I asked them if I could redo my room and they agreed. HAHAHA

When I was finished one wall had wallpaper with a 70’s design to it. It was glossy silver, orange and yellow. Two walls were orange. One had yellow curtains and the other yellow shelves. Then there was a yellow wall. I had several matching accessories, orange rug for the floor, a big yellow throw pillow on the floor also. It was definitely a happy room. lol And not PINK!

Actually I lived at home until I was 22, I then decided to move to Arkansas. Mom and Dad moved the following year. I still own the house where mom and dad moved to, that is where we stay when we visit my daughter. So I actually have two homes, where we live here in Willard MO and our little house in Arkansas. Home is wherever you hang your heart!

Hope you have a great week and try to stay cool!

until next time… nel


  1. Nel, since you and I are close in age, I can just picture that 70's look bedroom in my mind--awesome! Those were the days, huh? I enjoyed reading your memories...(Kathy)

  2. It was fun reading about your homes. That 70's bedroom reminded me of the Brady Bunch episode where Greg turned his dad's office into his 70's "pad"!

  3. Nel, you must write a book, an autobiography first. You've certainly "got it".

  4. The 70's were not dull : )

    Loved reading this today...have a nice weekend!

  5. I can picture that very 70s bedroom too! I would have loved that back then. Although mine probably would have been purple and green rather than orange and yellow! :)

  6. Came over from Linda's. I think that's neat that you still own your parents home and can stay there. Love the 70's bedroom and all your memories.


  7. One of our rooms was pink walls and red carpet, but your 70's room sounds wilder than that! lol