Thursday, February 11, 2016

One Of These Days...

     My heart is saddened today.  Just found out a special man, Manuel James left this world on January 16th.   I am sad but at the same time ecstatic because I know he is no longer hurting, because I know where he is!
     We attended the same church for several years here in Springfield, unfortunately things happen, and his wife and him left the church.  The last few years he has been in a rest home in Arkansas.  We did stop and see him last spring and what a joy it was.
     We hit it off right away because he was originally from Arkansas, so our conversation usually included something about Arkansas.  He grew up in Rush, close to Yellville. 
     He reminded me so much of the only grandpa I ever knew – Dolan Church. 
He was so friendly, loved his overalls, and the stories he could tell. 96 years worth of stories!  But more than anything he loved the Lord!  He will be missed and yes I have wiped a few tears, I will cherish the wonderful memories,  but what a reunion it will be…one of these days!

until next time...nel

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