Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greetings From Arkansas...

We are in Arkansas this week.  Having a great time wish you were here, isn’t that what they say!  We have several birthdays to celebrate this week.  My son-in-law’s is today the 10th, my daughter’s is the 11th, and Eden Jade’s is the 14th

My daughter was planning a big get together for their birthday but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to the weather.  See her hubby works for the Forest Commission and due to the extreme dry weather he is on fire watch.  He can be called out at any time.  And has been, he already has a bunch of comp time built up, they do not get overtime they get time off.  One day last week he got home at 3:30 the following morning, then up and at it after a few hours of sleep. 

Thank God for the rain we received tonight, it will help tremendously but will not be enough to put out the fire danger.  One of the problems last week was there was not enough water; they had to haul it in tanker trucks to fight the fires.  Please remember the fire fighters and the state of Arkansas in your prayers!

We did have a birthday dinner for her Monday night.  We could not let her 30th go by without a celebration.  There were 10 of us in total, Janice, Clint, Cain, Eden Jade, her Uncle Bob & Aunt Nadine, her dad & step-mom Doc & Gina, then her step dad Stan and myself.  We had a good time.  There are a couple pictures below.  Her birthday is actually Wednesday.

Happy Birthday to all three of my kids! I love you!

until next time...nel


  1. Instead of worrying about digging up half the country for a bigger oil pipeline, we really need some pipelines for water, so that when one area is flooding we can siphon that water off to where another area is in a drought or having wildfires.

  2. I think we take firefighters for granted until we get weather like we've seen recently.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!