Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hodgepodge Vol 55

Gosh I am not even sure I remember how to do this, it has been so long.  It sure does feel good to be back.  Wednesday Hodgepodge is very entertaining and it is a great way to meet new friends.  So just hop in and join the fun.

1.  Do you send Christmas cards?  If so about how many will you send this year?  How do you display the cards you receive?  Or don't you?
Yes we usually do.  Between the two of us there is probably close to 100.  He has several working buddies and family and I have a slew of friends and family from Arkansas.  We usually receive around 75 and yes we do display them.  I have a stand that has a sleigh and reindeer and has a stiff wire between the two.  In this you place the cards.  It is very pretty when filled.

2.  When do kids become adults?
This is a hard one because I think it depends on the kids,  but usually I would say when they turn 18 or 21 it is time to start treating them as adults.  They need to learn how to figure life out on their own.  I think our job is to be there if they ask for advice or if they need help.  

3.  Does your beauty regimen change with the seasons?
I would say the only change I really make is more moisturizer and lotion.  My skin becomes very dry during the winter.

4.  What's something you like to eat that might cause another person to turn up their nose?
If my mom was still living I would probably say turnip greens or poke salad.  She loved cooking these and I enjoyed eating them once in awhile with fried potatoes and cornbread, not corncake, cornbread, no sugar added.  Nothing like southern cooking.  Now I would say probably orange slice candy and saltine crackers.  They are so good together, have that sweet and salt thing going on.  Ohhh thought of another one, mustard on my scrambled eggs.  Don't knock it until you try it.

5.  Gloves or mittens?
I have a pair of leather gloves that my hubby bought me that I absolutely love.

6.  What's the longest queue that you've ever been in?  Was it worth it?
Probably the longest one was waiting to eat at Lambert's Cafe in Ozark MO.  We waited for an hour and a half.  It was definitely worth it.  I might mention Lambert's is the home of the throwed rolls.  Here is the link:  Lambert's Cafe

7.  Besides Christmas, what is one thing you are looking forward to in the month of December?
We are going to take a day trip over to the Precious Moments Chapel at Carthage, Missouri.  They have decorations and lights outside in the park area.  We have never been there during the Christmas season, so I think it will be exciting.  I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas Decorations.  We also want to go in and talk to someone about older PM pieces.  We are looking for a new book listing all of the pieces.  We sell older Precious Moment figurines, and are listed as an secondary-market seller.  We receive quite a few calls concerning these so an updated book would be beneficial.

8.  Random Thought
I have so many random thoughts rolling around in my head it makes me dizzy at times.  I have a picture that I would like to share.  It is of my mom's baby sister and Eden Jade.  My Aunt was the youngest of nine kids and the only one still living.  She is 86 years old and still living and driving on her own.  She did have a stint put in 5 days before I took this picture, but is doing great.  She is such a hoot, she told her grandkids when they were at the hospital that night that they could all go home.  She was not planning on dying yet.  I hope and pray when I am 86 I can get around as good as she can and be as sharp as she is.  She amazes me at times and holds a very special place in my heart.

That's all folks!  Now just click on the button above and join in, you know you want too!

until next time... nel


  1. That's great about your Aunt!!Kudos to her! Hope your having a good day.

  2. Southern cooking really is fabulous. And cornbread? Oh, so yummy.

  3. I agree with your #2 and I said about the same on #3.

    Have a great day.

  4. Mustard on srambled eggs??? I don't know how I feel about that one : ) Its nice to see you back in the HP!

  5. Kudos to you for the prompt, neat answers!
    Your 86 year aunt still driving - that's marvellous.
    Mustard and scrambled eggs go well together. I like it too.

  6. Nel, thank you so much for stopping over today. Yes at 88 he is still doing cards. He keeps saying it's his last year. I told him to do about 10 a day and that's what he has been doing. Enjoyed reading your answers and have a wonderful time at the PM chapel, I've always wanted to go there.

  7. Sweet picture of your aunt! My mom is the youngest of 8 and is the only living sibling.

  8. It's great to have you back in the Hodgepodge again!

    I might have to try some of those food suggestions!

    Great photo. It will be priceless one of these days!

  9. Your aunt has an amazing smike!
    I love to hear about strong, vital women - it encourages us all!

  10. All right, I won't knock it until I've tried it. It may not be too bad!

    That is such a sweet pic you posted. I hope to have that same attitude when I'm that age too :)