Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Flashback...

It is time to join Linda at Mocha With Linda for Flashback Friday. She has the prompt listed on her site. And after you write about your flashback remember to link up so we can all enjoy it. It is a great way to learn more about people and meet some wonderful blogging buddies!

This week we are going to flashback to Independence Day Celebrations. What a fun time. I remember when I was a kid we always went to Arkansas for the first two weeks of July. The plant where mom worked closed their doors every year during this time.

It was always a fun time for the Fourth! You could shoot fireworks down there anytime. We always loaded up on them on our way through Missouri, because they were so much cheaper. It was really fun when I got old enough to shoot some of them off. I remember one particular year we were at my Uncle Deb’s. Uncle Deb and Aunt Alta had the prettiest garden. Her nephew Sambo (not sure what his real name was) was there and we were lighting firecrackers. We were sticking them down in the mud, and getting a charge out of them blowing up the dirt. Then we, not sure which one of us, got the brilliant idea of sticking them down by the tomatoes or in the tomato. Talk about fun…lolol. It really blew them up. Uncle Deb laughed at us, but Aunt Alta did not think it was very much fun. Imagine that? lol The families usually all got together and had a potluck, food everywhere!

After I was in my teens we did not go to Arkansas as often. We stayed around home. In Northlake they always had a big celebration, with a parade and fireworks at night. I have a 2nd cousin who is about 12 years younger than me and her birthday is on the Fourth. Her mom, my cousin Gail started having birthday parties for her every year. It was always a fun time. They lived in Northlake also. For along time Ginger thought the parade and fireworks were to celebrate her birthday.

Fourth of July was always a special holiday! I can’t ever remember having a flag, but after I got out on my own I always put one up. And to this day if I have my camera, and see a flag I am usually taking a picture. And it bothers me that people do not show the flag respect like we were taught growing up. It is sad!

until next time... nel


  1. Fun memories, especially blowing up the tomatoes! It makes me sad about the lack of respect for our flag, also. Have a safe and happy 4th!

  2. This was such a fun flashback. Blowing up the tomatoes gave me a great visual. I can imagine your aunt being none-too-pleased!

    And amen to your comments about the flag. I remember how careful we were never to let it touch the ground or get rained on.

  3. I love to see the flag flying too...we have ours out today and just drove thru the neighborhood and saw a few.

    I played along today too...I love the exploding tomatoes : )

  4. It is sad that people don't respect the flag...or the country for that matter...anymore.
    Looks like you had some wonderful memories!

  5. blowing up tomatoes! LOL ...sounds like SO much fun! Hope you have a great Independence day this year! =D

  6. Loved reading about your memories, Nel! Havea great holiday weekend!!

  7. I enjoyed reading this....